Mentorship Project: Phase 5

This project has helped me grow in all areas as a designer. Working with someone outside of the program provided a new and exciting experience and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Hannes. Initially going into this project, I was having a hard time deciding who to reach out to as a mentor. Part of my problem in the beginning of this year was trying to figure out where I want to focus. This project has helped me hone in on a focus moving forwards into my career. Hannes helped me realize what I am best at and enjoy most; branding projects where I can integrate my illustration skills.

The most challenging part was color, illustration, and the homepage website design. Something that I am learning about myself is that in some projects I get to a point where I start asking a ton of people for their opinion on what I am designing. I think it is good to get other opinions, BUT I usually do this at a point where personally I know it is not good enough. I seem to be looking for reassurance or people to say otherwise. I don’t even know why I do this. I am not sure this totally makes sense in writing, but in my head, it does. So, I am learning and growing from this. When I reach this point in a project, it is time for a break and some breathing space from the project.

Choosing the colors for this project was a crazy process. I couldn’t seem to find the right combination of colors that also had the right feel. I didn’t want to choose colors that were too girly or too crazy.  I wanted that happy medium. The final combo was green, pink, and yellow. Pink – Harajuku girl influence, green – for veganism, and yellow – Happy color!

I wanted to use the illustrations on the homepage but it was seeming much too busy and illegible when I experimented with this. I ended up choosing one of the characters to use on its own.




Hannes has taught me to be even more persistent than I already am and to keep going with ideas and experimentation. He challenged me in an encouraging, helpful, reassuring way. The way he gives feedback makes me want to keep going and do even better.

I realize that my project has many tweaks to make it portfolio ready but I am so proud of what I have accomplished and created so far. I can’t wait to implement my critiques and expand on the idea!







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