Mentorship Project: Phase 3

Today Hannes and I met at my favorite coffee shop in Gastown, The Coffee Bar. Great place for meeting people because there is a long bar style seating at the back that’s pretty quiet.




During this phase I presented my name ideas and first round of logo sketches to Hannes.


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.49.45 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.50.01 PM


We discussed my top 3 name ideas, the pros and cons and brainstormed ideas for taglines. I was pretty stoked on naming my food truck “Homie Rolls.” The idea behind this was that my sister and I (our last name is Holmes) would be running the food truck. I wanted to call it “Holmie Rolls” but we agreed that the L would confuse people. So Hannes suggested I call it Homie Rolls instead and in my banding story I could specify why I came to that name.

After Hannes left I began sketching more right away. I thought that y name would for sure be Homie Rolls so I did a second round of sketches based on this name.





After I talked to some others and showed them my ideas I decided I actually wanted to change directions. I thought it was a little too complicated and plus it sounds a little weird when you ask a friend to lunch. “Hey man! Wanna go to homie rolls?!”

Anyways, I took a turn and went with the runner up. Roru, the Japanese word for rolls. Playing with the food truck wheels and the fact that we serve sushi rolls. I like how this word looked typographically and thought it had potential for a good logo wordmark.  When sketching I arranged the letters in a circle and saw a face! Then I had the idea that I could create an emoji or an animation out of the mark I had created. For the main logo I could use a wordmark and on the website or digital platforms I could rearrange it, creating an emoji or animated character!







I am enjoying working with Hannes as my mentor. What I have realized so far about his mentorship skills is he is supportive of ideas but also pushes me to go further. The way he does it is refreshing. Instead of saying my idea is not good enough, he approaches it from the perspective that it is good but could be pushed further and I can do even better. I find this motivating and it really makes me want to push my ideas further.

I am excited to see where the logo goes in the following week!

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