Full Footprint

I found this project challenging, fun, exciting, and engaging! It was our first experience working with an actual client! I was part of the Full Footprint group, “A non-profit organization, aiming to build better understanding of our full environmental impacts. They are the first organization working to bring together ecological, carbon, and water footprints.”

Working in a group can be a struggle; but, for the most part this project went quite smoothly. I thought that Malcolm and I worked well together and co-created a compelling result. We were tasked with redesigning the Full Footprint website. Malcolm was a pleasure to work with as he was diligent with time management, hard working, and fun! I would definitely work with Malcolm again.

Layout and hierarchy are something that I struggle with, therefor I chose to do web redesign in order to practice these skills. I definitely had to rethink how a website is viewed, as well as user experience. The most challenging aspect of this project was understanding the architecture of her site so that we were able to rebuild it in a way that was simplified and easy to navigate. Luckily, Malcolm took on most of the architecture and created a great map to visualize what we were thinking.

Below is the original architecture notes he began with:


This is the first stage of revision:


This is the final result Malcolm presented to me: architecture

I wanted to create a minimalistic website that was straight forward with a friendly approachable feel; something that would appeal to our target market, a wide range of ages and people with different aesthetic tastes. The images used throughout represent the environmental impacts you can offset. I think the images are well chosen, compelling and enhanced the overall look and feel of the site. We used small touches of orange throughout the website. Orange is one of the colors utilized in the full footprint logo, it is optimistic and uplifting.

I am happy with the final result of the website mock up. I think that it may be a bit confusing to look at without Malcolm or myself to explain the actual architecture of the final site. I worked very hard at creating something new and fresh!

You can view the mock up of the website we created here: 1-3

I enjoy working with a team to begin a project. The process of thinking together, creating ideas, testing them, challenging and building on each others inputs is a powerful part of the creative process. It was a wonderful feeling to share the final results and see the entire project compiled together. Presenting what we created to Victoria was the best part! It was so fun to share all our hard work and to see and hear her reactions. The presentation was smooth, fun, fulfilling, and I was proud of the entire team’s hard work!