Personal Resume

I thought it was a great idea to integrate resume creation into a class project. The SWOT analysis, analyzing our strengths and weaknesses, was a powerful reflection opportunity for me. It also provided a chance to get to know our classmates at a deeper level. It can be hard to share weaknesses. The reality is that we all have imperfections and its by being aware of and working on these that we can enhance our strengths.

At first, I struggled with figuring out a way to create a more interesting, conceptual, and personality driven resume. I thought a lot about it and decided to go with a recipe format. The reason I chose a recipe was because health and cooking are a major aspect of my life other than illustration and design. Therefore, this idea suits my personality and interests. I struggled with layout and trying to properly convey my message. I am not sure if my intention is conveyed powerfully enough in my final result. I am debating going back to a more basic layout with a clean simple illustration on it. For the purpose of this assignment I think I succeeded in exploration, experimentation, and conveying my personality through writing, design, and illustration. My concept was fun to explore and I think that I deserve a 9/10.

Heres what I created!


Project 1: Design Manifesto

The word manifesto sounded intimidating at first and I wasn’t completely sure what a manifesto was. Therefore, my first steps were looking up the definition of a manifesto. From here I began my research. The hard part for me was keeping the writing concise and not going overboard. I pulled information from Judy’s lecture and mainly these sites:

This poster is based on the concept of carrots. The idea stemmed from many people referring to me as a carrot. It has become my representation now. Carrots are a sustainable food that have been around for thousands of decades. Therefore, I thought it would be suiting to personify this for my manifesto. I wanted to create a poster that embodies what I stand for but in a fun way that truly represents Sierra. At first my manifesto seemed static and boring so I took a spin to each point and related it to a fact about a carrot; giving the manifesto more of a Sierra feel, reflecting my personality as a designer.

The imagery that I created for my poster represents me as a carrot.



I would give myself a 8.5/10 on this assignment. I am happy with the overall layout and I think it reflects my personality as a designer. I think that the concept is unique and my imagery aligns with the overall feel. I struggled with choosing two fonts that felt cohesive together and I am not very happy with how the two different fonts looks. I think I could have done a little bit more research, specifically on economic sustainability. Overall I put a lot of thought and time into this project and I am happy with the outcome! I just wish I could have used one font for the entire poster!